UpWork, my story.

Today I will share my experience with the platform.

I know that this may be a bit of a different post but I want to share this with my fellow freelancers in order for them to know if UpWork is for them.

My first impression

At the beginning I was quite pleased with the platform. I landed a few nice clients (for a really low rate though) and things were moving forward.

At first, I didn’t care much about the rate as I was still learning about the web. My goal was to use those first little jobs as part of my portfolio.

Then, something happened…

I did two jobs for UpWork one for 20$ and another one for 5$. These weren’t good jobs at all but clients were at least nice and they understood they were not paying much so they were not pushy or unreasonably demanding.

After these two gigs, I landed a third one. This time, for the incredible price of a 100$ (still not much but contextualise please). I was happy, I thought things were already taking off for me.

But this client decided to stop replying to my messages leaving the job open with out any kind of resolution. She didn’t communicate to me at all so I thought she probably had some kind of issue.

I kept using the platform and I did another job for a fourth client. This time it was one of the worst clients I have ever had. He paid me just 5$ and he was requesting me to do thing that were not listed in the job description driving me crazy and wasting my time extensively.

My JSS (Job success score)

After completing three jobs with 5 star reviews I was thinking that my score would be 100% but NO. Why? You probably wonder.

It was because I had one contract open for months because the client was not replying either positively or negatively.

Would a normal person consider this as the freelancer’s fault? No.

UpWork though YES.

At this point I started feeling completely powerless against the platform.

I tried to contact support and I just got back auto-response answers. My ability to gain new quality contracts pretty much vanished, just because someone was not checking their inbox.

I was frustrated and about to give up on UpWork so I decided to contact the client via Email.

Finally, I received an answer from the client and they wanted to continue with the project, they just had some changes that they were working on. Everything was sorted, UpWork did not help much but I got the answer from the client and it was positive.

UpWork’s Decision

What I did was technically against UpWork’s policies because I contacted the client outside of the platform.

This was technically illegal but in my opinion justified as the client answered in a positive way creating a good impression and a profitable project.

UpWork disagreed though and decided to terminate my account without any options of recovering it.


I think UpWork has gone way too far and is basically ruining the freelancing marketplace, making us compete for the lowest value without even giving us the option to complain or improve their platform.

They want to make money which is completely legit but is also legit for us to stop using them and to find better deals in other platforms or ways.

Apart from that they can terminate your account without giving any kind of explanation or warning which makes it really unreliable.

Clients are also facing difficulties, as they receive plenty of proposals in broken English that waste their time.

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