The Two Skills that will Make You Stand Out

Today I wanted to talk about two extremely easy skills that will allow you to understand much more about your web presence. HTML & CSS.

What are these for?


HTML is a markup language (not a programming language) that allows you to create the content for your websites. The content includes headings, paragraphs, lists, forms and much more. The language mainly consists on putting words between tags “<>, </>” indicating the type of content it will be.

For example, let’s say that we want to create a heading with the word ‘Hello’ and a paragraph with the word ‘world!’. We would do that by wrapping the word ‘hello’ between heading tags (<h1>Hello</h1>) and the word ‘world! between paragraph tags (<p>World!</p>). Simple, right?

Obviously, there are many more tags that you can use with HTML but the concept is always the same.Is so easy to edit or add parts of your website if you know HTML and you will start recognising that messy code immediately.

You will also be able to create really simple websites and scripts that you could potentially add to your WordPress websites.


CSS is what controls the style of the web-page. Unlike HTML, this language does not add content. What it does is it adds style to it, like colours, shape and even positioning.

This language is a bit more difficult to explain in a paragraph but what it does is basically refer to HTML elements and style them in several ways. CSS is normally placed between ‘<style>’ tags or in a different file with the .css extension.

There are many ways you can style HTML elements. The main ones are using color, boxes and layout.

It tends to be a bit more complicated than HTML. Specially when it comes to placing the elements in different areas of your web page. But when it comes to changing colours, fonts and so on, it’s extremely easy to use.

Once you know these two skills you can pretty much create any front end design you want. Giving you a lot of control on the look of your website and becoming less developer-dependent.

Where can I learn these skills?

In my opinion, there are two main resources you can use to learn these skills:

The first resource is Here you can find tutorials covering HTML, CSS and many more programming languages and web technologies.

One downside of this platform would be the lack of depth and contextualisation of the topics. Don’t take me wrong, it gives you all you need to know but it is always great to contextualise the topics with real life examples.

The good thing about it is that is up to date and it has simple examples you can work on.

The second resource I would recommend is a HTML & CSS book written by Jon Duckett.

html and css book
You can find it here->

This is the book I used to start on Web Development and it’s fantastic. It gives you introductions about the web, clear examples, nice explanations and makes the process of learning smoother.

Most books about development are written in a not really visually appealing way. But this book is way different, images are the norm and it focuses on the really important topics that you will be using on a daily-basis.

One downside of it would be that is not fully updated. But I can tell you for a fact that most of the content of the book is still relevant today and you can always complement it with some online resources.

To sum up, I just want to emphasise on the easiness on learning these skills and how valuable they can be for your online business.

Make sure you check some other posts ( and stay tuned for cooler content coming up.

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