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Remote working: here to stay or we will be back to normal?

On this post I am going to address if remote working will be the norm after corona or if we will go back to the day to day commute. I will also would like to discuss the benefits of working remotely and why it may not be as good as you think.

Remote revolution

As all of you probably know, to avoid the spread of the new virus we were all pushed to work from home. Most people didn’t know how to make things work and had difficulties dealing with techie stuff and deadlines.

Some others though, were more than happy with the change. Like programmers and people that work in tech.

Some of the older generations had a really bad time adjusting to knew technologies, didn’t know how to use Zoom or Skype, didn’t know how to use a work tracking software and felt completely desperate and helpless.

But most people, specially employees, were more than happy with the change. People didn’t need to commute and they could spend more time at home with family.

Employees felt the benefits of remote working, specially at the beginning. Benefits like saving money and time on commuting, being at home with family, setting up your own work environment and even working on your pijamas convinced more than one.

But the remote experience it didn’t become real until later.

Remote Drawbacks

At the beginning everything was laugh and giggles. But after a few months of working remotely people started experiencing the disadvantages of working remotely.

Disadvantages of remote working

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Reduced productivity.
  • Distracting environment.
  • Lack of social life.
  • Isolation.

There are much more, but this ones are the most common ones. I know that some may think that the pros outweigh the cons but not for everybody.

I believe that some people really need a structured environment in order to feel like they are working. This may sound stupid to me or to you but some people need “the office” in order to produce quality work. In my opinion this is mainly due to the feeling of loneliness and not seeing anyone around you working on the same project as you.

Remote working for employers

I have to admit that I see little disadvantages for employers when it comes to remote working. Only the micromanaging maniacs won’t like it but it has already been proved that micromanaging is highly ineffective when it comes to productiveness.

There are way too many ways to communicate and even track what your employees are doing online. This makes things really easy for employers as they know exactly how things are being done.

Also they would save millions on renting expensive office spaces in the middle of cities. In person would still happen but not as frequently so they could easily save some money renting a smaller work place.

Some people even argue that productivity tends to go up when people work from home. This mainly happens because people are happier and they can save time commuting that they may use to work.

Will the work landscape change?

In my opinion, yes and no.

For easy and day to day work I honestly don’t see the point of going to the office everyday. This lockdown has proved that people can work as effectively from home as they do in the office. Most task can easily be accomplished from home with only a laptop.

But I still think that some meetings and sales will be done in person. The reason is simple, is much easier to get a sense of the clients and also it gives clients more trust. It may be because of an evolutionary reason, I don’t know. But the truth is that most people will be much happier buying something from someone they can see around on a daily basis.

So I still think that face to face relations will be important in business but we will definitely adapt the positives from this remote experiment.

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