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How to easily create a landing page to make your business stand out

What to include on it

A landing page is what your potential viewers and visitors will encounter first when clicking on your website’s link. Therefore, is really important to know what to include on it in order to make them at least curious about your business.

Before we start…

I just want to mention that most people (including myself) tend to be visual creatures. What do I mean by this? Simple, long descriptions are boring and most of us do not read them. We find images really appealing though.

I know you are probably passionated about what you are doing so you want us to know every single little detail about your business but that will only hurt your sales as we will get bored with the first few lines. So what do you need to have in your landing page in order to catch our attention?

These are the elements:

Background Image or video

It seems common sense for me but most people do not pay attention to it and instead they delight us with lovely dull descriptions about technical aspects of their business that we don’t need to know (and we honestly don’t care).

So make sure you include a nice image of yourself, logo or anything that we can relate with what you do. Hint: an image of yourself gives us confidence and the certainty that you are a human being. If you portrait a positive version of yourself that will make us like you even more.

The video option is even better but we know it can be difficult to accomplish so a background image is a great starting point. You can always change it for a video later if you wish.

Check this example of a great background video landing page: http://www.mimundodeazucar.com/

Description of your business

What do you do? How can you help me?

Those are basically the questions that you should present in a sentence describing your business. No more, no less. The goal is to make the visitors know why they are here without boring them or make them wonder. This should be presented along with the name of your business in a slightly smaller way.

A great example is this: “I create profitable websites for your business”.

Does it look familiar? I wonder why. -> https://pcgwebdev.com/

Big Fat Button

The third, but not last thing to include would be a big fat button.

This button will need to redirect your visitors to what we call a CTA or call to action page. A CTA is basically a page that will make your visitors know more about your service and potentially lead them to buy or contact you.

The call to action can be a simple contact form or a more developed script promoting what you do and how they can get the benefit out of it.

Some people opt to have a contact form instead of a button. In my opinion, it makes it feel a bit too formal like if we were already signing a contract. There is no need to push, we just want to guide.

Your value

The next section should be a description of what you can do for them in a more detailed way. This content should not be in the initial section of the landing page. Instead feel free to put it down below. A good way to showcase your info is by making the button redirect to your content.

Do not over explain what you do. Briefly describe what your valuable business does and let your visitors curiosity fly. In order to come with more questions after.


We ,even developers, are social creatures, so we always want to know how you have performed in the past, what people think of you and mainly, if you are a nice person to work with.

So make sure to include some testimonials and reviews from previous clients that were happy with the work you did for them. Ask your previous customers if you could add their logos, this way, we will add a big trust factor.

This should be easy to find so my opinion is to add this at the top of your page’s navbar as shown in the picture below.

testimonials example

To sum up…

These are the steps you need to follow in order to have a nice looking landing page that will make your visitors interested about your business offer. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly with your page builder and feel free to drop me an email (info@pcgwebdev.com) in case you struggle with it.

Congratulations and good luck!

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