How I am dealing with unpredictability and anxiety.

People are currently going through difficult times. This is no different for me. I have noticed that, lately, more and more clients are postponing meetings and cancelling services.

At the beginning of the pandemic, this cancellations made me feel extremely anxious affecting the quality of my work critically.

I am feeling much better now, and I want to share with you how I am overcoming these stressful moments as I am sure that many business owners are going through the same emotional catastrophe.

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Step back and take a deep breath.

This may sound ridiculously easy, but when you are going through a stressful moment/period of your life you may not even realise what is going on in your body.

For several biological reasons, our body tends to react in an effusive way every time we are stressed out. Sweats, tachycardia and many other symptoms make us feel awful, making it impossible to act according to the situation.

This is because our brain does not distinguish between types of stress. It does not know if we are running away from a lion or giving a talk in front of a bunch of angry stockholders.

The symptoms mentioned above work great if you are in a live or dead situation like running from a lion. They don’t work as good in a work environment, in fact, they make everything worse. That is why is important to make your body and brain realise that you are not even close to death, so make sure you take a deep breath allowing your body to relax and act accordingly.

Now that you are relaxed is it time to think about what to do with your business and yourself.

Your business is you, you are your business.

What I mean by this is that due to the economic collapse that is coming, I don’t think is a good idea to invest money in your business.

You should invest money in yourself first, this includes:

I am personally reading content to improve my interpersonal skills. In fact I just finished reading a book called “How to win friends and Influence People”. Here you can find some info about it -> (, I think the book is great, it pushes you to see life from other people’s perspective, something really useful in a business environment.

There are so many other books that you could read apart from this one, but I think this one is a great choice and It will also give you exercises that you will be able to apply with your quarantine colleagues.

Remember that investing in yourself is always a save bet, specially in this kind of situations. I would even say that this could be a great opportunity to step back and see your business from another perspective. Thinking on what you could have done wrong or what has to keep happening.

Relax and keep yourself occupied.

This is how I would sum up what I am trying to transmit on this post.

I know it main sound difficult to stay relaxed during this time but, is there any other option? The reality is no, and what will save businesses will be the ability of the owners to adapt to the new times that are coming.

I still want to offer my help in order to keep you occupied and make your business stand out during this quarantine period.

I am still offering free consultation in order to deal with your web questions without any kind of compromise. Just you and me, talking about how your businesses web presence can be improved.

I will give you some easy guidelines that you will be able to apply immediately. These will improve your web presence considerably, attracting more people to your site.

Feel free to send me an email to

Wish you the best,


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