People are currently going through difficult times. This is no different for me. I have noticed that, lately, more and more clients are postponing meetings and cancelling services. At the beginning of the pandemic, this cancellations made me feel extremely anxious affecting the quality of my work critically. I am feeling much better now, and

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After starting a freelancing business myself, I felt that most of the advice out there was overly positive/unrealistic. The YouTube Gurus Before I even started my business, I watched so many YouTube tutorials of people on private jets. These guys were explaining how easy it was to create a multimillionaire online business within months or

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pcgwebdev landing oage

What to include on it A landing page is what your potential viewers and visitors will encounter first when clicking on your website’s link. Therefore, is really important to know what to include on it in order to make them at least curious about your business. Before we start… I just want to mention that

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